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New assessment of the property tax value

Again and again we receive questions about the tax return for the real estate tax value. The submission should have been made by 01/31/23 at the latest.
Since we have many foreign customers and the tax return is quite complicated, we are happy to help with any questions.

Most of our foreign customers do not pay any taxes in Germany (apart from property tax) and therefore do not have an identification number in Germany. The property tax return can therefore not be submitted online.

In order to fill out the forms, you need a lot of data. All important information can be found here:
• Land Registry
• Declaration of Division
• Property tax assessment, no matter what year
If you cannot find these documents at home, ask your property manager.

We have prepared an example; in this we have marked where which data must be entered and where you can find this data. We will also send you a list of which data must be entered in which line of the form.

If you want to submit your tax return online via Elster, we also have instructions here. The prerequisite is that you have a tax number and a tax ID.

If you need help from us, for example if the apartment is owned by several owners/families, make an appointment at our office and we will help you. Our service is of course free of charge for you.

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