Berlin housing market

Why selling a holiday flat in Berlin is recommended now

Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany, is known for its dynamic property landscape. Selling a holiday flat in this metropolis can be particularly advantageous right now. Here are some reasons why:

Rising property prices:
Berlin has been experiencing a steady rise in property prices for years, which means that owners can benefit from a high increase in value when selling their holiday flats.

High demand:
Demand for property in Berlin is outstripping supply, resulting in a seller's market. Holiday flats are particularly popular with international investors and domestic buyers who are looking for an attractive yield or want to use the property themselves.

Tax advantages:
Under certain conditions, tax advantages can be used when selling a holiday home. For example, the profit from the sale is tax-free after a holding period of ten years. This holding period is even reduced considerably if the property is used by family and friends.

Selling a holiday flat offers the opportunity to free up capital and invest in other projects or properties. Once you have seen and experienced a lot in Berlin, buying a holiday flat in another city/country may also be an exciting alternative.

Less administration:
Compared to renting, owning a holiday flat that you don't use yourself requires more administration. Selling can be a welcome simplification.

Conclusion: Selling a holiday flat in Berlin offers a unique opportunity to benefit from the current market situation. The combination of rising prices, high demand and tax incentives makes it a favourable time to put such a property on the market. However, owners should carry out a sound valuation and, if necessary, seek professional advice in order to achieve the best selling price. We are happy to assist here.