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Viewing platforms and public roof terraces in Berlin

Probably the most famous and most eye-catching viewing structure in Berlin is the television tower - in good weather you can see up to 80 kilometers from the viewing platform at 203 meters.

If you want to discover other perspectives, you can also find impressive views from many other buildings, roof terraces and even parks. You can even climb many of them for free and enjoy the beautiful view of Berlin for free. Here is a small selection:

City Palace Berlin
Since October 2021, visitors have been able to visit the roof terrace of the Humboldt Forum. At a height of around 30 meters, there is a wonderful view of Berlin's landmarks such as Museum Island, the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Cathedral. The terrace is barrier-free.

The spectacular glass dome plus roof terrace offers a great view of the government district. Registration is required for the visit.

Kollhoff skyscraper
At 103 meters, the Kollhoff Tower is the tallest building on Potsdamer Platz and part of a striking architectural ensemble. Anyone who goes to the "Panoramapunkt" viewing platform of the tower will be rewarded with a wide view over Berlin. The fastest elevator in Europe takes guests to the fully glazed Panorama Café in just 20 seconds. On the 25th floor you can discover the West Berlin skyline on the sun deck.

Hotel Park Inn
The Hotel Park Inn is one of the highest vantage points in Berlin. It is located directly on Alexanderplatz and offers visitors a great view from its panorama terrace at a height of 150 meters. Visitors can enjoy a wide view over Berlin and the city's sights on the hotel's publicly accessible roof terrace.

Victoria Park
With the Kreuzberg, the Viktoriapark is Berlin's highest inner-city elevation. You have a beautiful view towards the city from the top of the Kreuzberg near the Schinkel National Monument, while a waterfall splashes down.

The Wolkenhain on the top of the Kienberg was the landmark of the IGA 2017. It allows far-reaching views over Berlin and Brandenburg. Since the end of the garden exhibition, it has been freely available to all residents and visitors. It can be reached by cable car or on foot. The ascent to the viewing platform is via stairs or barrier-free by elevator.

The Teufelsberg in the Grunewald is a mountain of rubble, a vantage point and a monument of history. The now derelict US listening station at the top can be visited. From the Teufelsberg, visitors have a great view over the Grunewald and the adjacent urban areas. In addition to the Müggelberge, the Teufelsberg is the second highest elevation in Berlin at 120.1 meters above sea level.

The Müggelturm is a popular observation tower and stands on Berlin's highest natural point: the 115 meter high Müggelberge. The 30 meters high tower in Berlin Köpenick stands in the middle of dense forests and offers a wonderful view of up to sixty kilometers when the weather is nice. After climbing the 126 steps, the view can sweep from the Müggelsee to Alexanderplatz, from the Spreewald to BER Airport.

Gasometer in Schöneberg
The industrial monument is one of the most spectacular vantage points of Berlin. The ascent is only possible in summer and as part of a guided tour. However, the ascent is not for people with a fear of heights. From the ground, the participants climb a total of 420 metal steps between steel struts that are over a hundred years old to the top ring of the industrial monument. From there, the view extends over the entire city of Berlin and beyond.