Berlin rent index 2023

New Berlin Mietspiegel up more than 5%

The average rent in the new Berlin rent index has risen significantly. This caused sharp criticism in politics.

A new rent index for around 1.5 million apartments has been in effect in Berlin since Thursday. Accordingly, the local comparative rent has risen by 5.4 percent to EUR 7.16 per square meter and month compared to the 2021 rent index. This means that the average rent in Berlin for existing leases has exceeded the seven euro mark for the first time. In the previous rent index 2021, the average value was still 6.79 euros.

However, the rent index does not apply to apartments in detached and semi-detached houses and in terraced houses and new apartments that are ready for occupancy after January 1, 2018, as well as in price-controlled, publicly funded apartments.

The Berlin rent index 2023, including a query service and explanations, is now available on the Senate Administration website at