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How to sell your property successfully

You have decided to sell your property, but demand is low. You hardly receive any inquiries or viewing appointments. What is going wrong and how can you change this?

The most common reason for slow marketing is that the asking price is too high. Many private sellers tend to overestimate the value of their property or allow too much room for negotiation. However, this can backfire, as most buyers are well informed and compare prices. If your property is significantly more expensive than comparable properties, you will put off potential buyers. In addition, your property will become unattractive over time, as buyers will know the property and realize that it has been on the market for an above-average period of time. This can lead to you having to lower the price and give buyers the impression that there is something wrong with the property.

This means that the choice of the first offer price is extremely important for a high sale price.

A recent study (Kreissparkasse Köln), which analysed the relationship between market value, asking price, actual selling price and the length of time a property remains on the market, has shown that an asking price that is too high can significantly reduce the sale proceeds. The study analysed over 1,000 property offers and found that a price premium of 20% on the market value resulted in average proceeds of only 85% of the market value. This means that a reasonable or even slightly lower price can speed up the sale and increase the actual profit.

So how do you find the right price for your property? The best way is to get professional advice from us. We know the market and can make a well-founded valuation of your property. As experienced estate agents, we present and advertise your property in the best possible way. After all, in addition to the price, the visual appearance also plays an important role in the success of the sale. Your property should be shown from its best side without concealing anything. Attractive photography and a meaningful description emphasise the advantages of your property.

If you follow these tips, you have a good chance of selling your property quickly and profitably. It always makes sense to ask a professional for help. After all, you don't sell a property every day.