Berlin property prices

House prices are falling, but not yet in Germany

The war in Ukraine, skyrocketing prices for energy, food and construction costs and high inflation overall - these are the new facts in 2022.

While we have already registered a drop in prices for residential real estate in Denmark and other countries, this wave has so far happened in Germany not reached yet.

In Germany we are registering a large number of political decisions that will have a lasting impact on the economy. The real estate sector will not remain unaffected by this. Negative trends can already be observed, for example the demand for rented apartments for capital investment is already declining. Empty apartments for self-use are still in good shape.

Trust our many years of expertise in the real estate market and let us advise you if you, the owner, are considering whether now is the right time to sell your apartment. According to the Sprengnetter analysis, the sales prices actually achieved are still 10.9% higher than a year ago.

The key interest rate was only recently raised to 1.25% and could rise further. This may make buyers insecure in the future. Use our knowledge of the real estate market, we support our home buyers and sellers with free, detailed advice!