Berlin property prices

Home prices are rising faster in the surrounding area than in cities

47 annual net rents have to be paid to buy a new apartment in Munich. The multiplier is 44 times as much in Stuttgart, in Berlin it is just under 38. This is evident from the Empirica price ranking for the 2nd quarter.

In Munich, the purchase prices are € 10,429 /m², rents are € 18.78 /m², both of which are top values. This is followed by Frankfurt (€ 7,898 /m²), Stuttgart (€ 7,711 /m²), Düsseldorf (€ 6,965 /m²), Hamburg (€ 6,897 /m²), Freiburg (€ 6,813 /m²) and Berlin (€ 6,399 /m²). All new construction purchase indices have increased more strongly in the rural districts than in the cities. In Q2, newly built houses were 4.0% more expensive in the districts than in the previous quarter, the strongest increase of all sub-indices. The rent increase remained below the inflation rate by +1.1% for the second quarter in a row. After Munich, Frankfurt (€ 15.85 /m²), Stuttgart (€ 14.62 /m²) and Berlin (€ 14.14 /m²) have the highest rents for new constructions, in Stuttgart they have even declined compared to the first quarter (from €14.74 / m²).

Source: Empirica/Thomas Daily