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Good to know: What are Milieuschutzgebiet, Sanierungsgebiet and Erhaltungsgebiet?

Neighbourhood protection areas (Milieuschutzgebiete), redevelopment areas (Sanierungsgebiete) and conservation areas (Erhaltungsgebiete) are terms related to urban development protection and conservation. Here is some important information about these areas in Berlin:

Neighbourhood protection areas:
Neighbourhood protection areas are areas to which a social preservation statute applies in accordance with Section 172 (1) No. 2, (4) BauGB (Building Code). The aim of a milieu protection ordinance is to prevent the composition of the area's population from being completely changed with regard to expected modernisation measures. The object of protection is not the individual resident, but the structure of the population in the area. Neighbourhood protection is not tenant protection, but area protection based on urban development. The instruments of the neighbourhood protection ordinance include a reservation of approval for construction projects and a statutory right of first refusal for the district. In Berlin, the responsibility for issuing neighbourhood protection ordinances lies with the districts.

Redevelopment areas:
Redevelopment areas are areas in need of urban redevelopment. Measures to improve the urban development situation are carried out here, e.g. modernisation, redesign and upgrading. These can be building refurbishments, street refurbishments, the refurbishment of public spaces and green areas and much more. Redevelopment areas are defined by a redevelopment statute. Once the redevelopment has been completed, the land value of the properties in the redevelopment area is reassessed. This value may increase as a result of the measures taken; the difference is known as the equalisation amount.

Conservation areas:
Conservation areas are areas in which the urban structure is to be preserved. Measures are taken here to preserve the character of the area, e.g. by preserving historic buildings. Conservation areas are defined by a conservation statute or neighbourhood protection ordinance. In these areas, a large number of modernisations, conversions and changes of use are subject to approval and are intended to prevent so-called luxury renovations.

Overall, these areas serve to control urban development and maintain the quality of life for residents.