Berlin housing market

Development of asking prices for condominiums in Berlin in 2022

For twelve years, prices rose rapidly because construction interest rates were extremely low.

Asking prices for apartments rose in Berlin in 2022 despite higher interest rates and inflation. While prices are now falling in many places, asking prices in Berlin have risen by 8.3% on average over the year - with a good first half of the year and weaker prices towards the end of the year. Asking prices for apartment buildings in Berlin remained relatively stable, and prices in the surrounding area also rose. In the new building, more rental apartments were built in 2022. More than 80% of the new residential units are outside the Berlin S-Bahn ring.
The number of rental apartments offered in Berlin continued to fall; there were almost as many listings for condominiums as for rentals. Asking rents for apartments in Berlin increased by an average of 9.5% to 11.50 euros/m┬▓ per month in 2022.

Source: Berlin Hyp AG / CBRE GmbH, Housing Market Report 2023