Berlinmaegleren was once again awarded 5 stars as a top broker

This year, Capital magazine has once again selected the brokers who, as experts, realistically assess the local market and offer a professional service. According to this selection process, Berlinmaegleren is one of the best brokers.

The IIB Institute and Scope Fund also evaluated the work of over 20,000 brokers in 2023. Based on the criteria qualification, process quality, exposé, contract and service, 899 brokers were identified who achieved a good or very good rating.
For this purpose, the answers to questions such as: “Is the brokerage contract clearly formulated? Are the costs of the service understandable? How quickly are inquiries answered? What additional services are offered (financing, evaluation, energy certificate)?” were analyzed and evaluated using a points system.

Berlinmaegleren was awarded 5 out of 5 stars in the Capital - Broker Compass 2023 alongside just 16 other Berlin brokerage companies.