Berlin property prices

Apartments: Rent and purchase prices are drifting further apart

The median asking rents (existing and new buildings) in the German top 8 cities rose by an average of 2.4% in the first half of the year compared to the previous year.

JLL observed the greatest growth with + 7.7% in Berlin, followed by Cologne (+ 5.6%) and Hamburg (+ 3.5%). Only in Stuttgart did rents fall slightly by 1.6%. In the smaller cities, the median asking rents even increased by an average of 9% in the last twelve months. The dynamism in purchase prices for condominiums was even stronger. They increased year-on-year in both the top 8 and in the smaller cities by 15% each. In Leipzig, purchase prices rose by 31.6% to meanwhile € 3,120/ m² by far the most. The curve was less steep in Berlin (+8.7%) and Stuttgart (+8.1%), although the purchase prices here are well over € 5,000/ m².

Source: JLL/ Thomas Daily