Personal advisor

We are committed to finding the best suitable property in Berlin for you

The purchasing process from first viewing to signing the contract can take up to several months, and this is where we believe that our experienced real estate agents and office colleagues have the know-how to coordinate and optimize the process to save you time and resources. Berlinmaegleren, as negotiator, is able to offer a transparent communication between buyer and seller. We are delighted to assist you.

Your advantages

- You can choose among a superior selection of properties on the market in Berlin

- Timesaving purchase process

- Contact with German authorities is minimized

- You do not have to worry about arranging property viewings

- All questions will be answered quickly - in English

- Experienced negotiators insure that you get the best buy for your money (avoiding purchasing overpriced properties)

- Professional advice during all phases of the process

We are providing a first-class customer service in all aspects of purchasing your Berlin investment

To discuss your requirements and our recommendations directly, please contact us at your convenience at +49 30 61 20 23 98 or +49 30 60 98 96 930.

For after-hours service just leave your name and telephone number on the answering machine or send an email to: One of our representatives will contact you shortly.