Backed by a history that is unrivalled by any other European city, Berlin has become a world-class cultural Mecca. The German capital has a distinctive flair that places it in a league with cities like Paris and London. People from all over the world are attracted by Berlin.  

Whether you are just looking for an apartment in a European capital to use on weekends or you are looking for a promising real estate investment, you should take a close look at Berlin.

If you buy an apartment through Berlinmægleren and you would like to rent it out, we would be happy to place advertisements on our webpage.

Before you buy your Berlin apartment, you should consider the following:

  • Do you want to invest, do you need an apartment for your own usage, or a combination of both?

  • How much can you afford in total and per month?

  • Which part of Berlin?

  • Does it have to be fully renovated or would you prefer the apartment has some renovation-needs?