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Abgeschlossenheitsbescheinigung: Certificate of self-containment

According to German law, the certificate of self-containment is a certificate that condominiums or even a part-ownership are, based on the Condominium Act, sufficiently self-contained structurally from other residences and rooms. The separation is realized by, for example, walls and ceilings. Furthermore, a lockable entrance must be ensured. The certificate of self-containment is issued by the building supervisory board. This board is also responsible for the building licence and the approval of construction.

Baubeschreibung: Construction specification

The construction specification is a detailed description of the building to be constructed. This not only defines the materials required but also the type of execution. If this concerns private real estate financing, then the construction specification belongs to the basics that a builder or real estate buyer must present to his bank for credit approval. This is thus an important component of a building contract. Furthermore, it is explicitly required when a purchase of land or a purchase from builders is connected with the construction. 

Betriebskosten: Service charges

Service charges are understood to be the costs which incur due to the ongoing operation and maintaining of a real estate. This includes heating costs, liability, repairs and real estate tax.


Courtage, also known as broker’s commission, describes the fee to be paid to the agent after a contract is closed or for negotiating a contract.

Darlehensgebühr: Loan fee

The loan fee is a fee which is due when a loan is provided. The amount of the loan fee is agreed upon by the lender and the borrower beforehand. It is commonly calculated from the amount of the loan and is listed as a percentage. The loan fee is commonly charged directly to the loan account. The paying of the loan fee is then done in monthly instalments which are made up of a repayment and an interest portion. The interest portion also includes the loan fee because here the effective interest rate is included which contains all of the costs of a loan.

Eigenkapital: Equity capital

Equity capital is the funds which a buyer has to bring up himself in order to purchase a property. This can also include cash or savings.

Eigentümergemeinschaft - WEG: Community association

All homeowners of a housing complex make up a community association. It cannot be dissolved because it is legally bound. All parties must make decisions together and are represented externally by a trustee (WEG trustee).

Energieausweis: Energy pass

The energy pass is understood to be a quality seal for real estate. Similarly to a refrigerator, the energy pass clarifies the energy efficiency category of a property.

Finanzierungsplan: Financing plan

With the help of a financing plan, the demand for credit is calculated. This way the buyer can see how much he will be financially burdened.

Fremdkapital: Borrowed capital

Borrowed capital includes any financial funds which are provided by banks, building societies, insurances or private third parties as a loan for financing a real estate.